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    Voxel Group, leader of the travel industry with the e-billing and electronic payment solutions via baVel’s platform, is one of the four finalists in the “Best Corporate Payment Provider” category for the international Business Travel Awards 2020. The company, based in Barcelona, is nominated next to AirPlus International, American Express Go and Barclaycard Commercial Payments; and is one of the two Spanish travel companies to get to the final of these honoured prizes.

    Voxel aims to be the best corporate payment provider thanks to the Payment Manager, the main tool of the new baVel’s platform B2B payment solution, at an international level.  Via this e-billing and electronic payment platform, the company has been leading the digitization of the billing procedures for the travel industry for more than 20 years. Now, thanks to the Payment Manager, baVel is capable of completing the billing cycle thanks to the digitization and automation of the payment processes.

    Payment Manager, the payment channel for the travel industry

    The Payment Manager is the equivalent of the Channel Manager for bookings during the payment process. It allows automatic and streamlined exchange of payment information using an ecosystem of service providers, which offer VCC payments, but also new payment methods of the industry, such as the BTGs (Bank Transfer Guarantee) and forex services. Airplus, eNett, Ixaris, Wex, Kantox, Visa, Mastercard, Amercian Express and Xanderpay are among the leading payment providers of the new solution.

    Furthermore, the Payment Manager is the main service of the Open Payment Alliance, an initiative of HEDNA, which counts with Voxel Group’s collaboration, to create a specific B2B payments channel for the travel industry, which will be completely decoupled from the booking channel. HTNG has recently joined the initiative. They are developing the communication standards to make easier the connection between the Payment Manager and PMSs, CRSs, Channel Managers, GDSs and booking engines.

    Companies using the Payment Manager

    Big companies, such as Hotelbeds and eDreams, are already using baVel’s solution to streamline B2B payments, the Payment Manager, to send payments to their main B2B providers, which are mainly hotels.

    International experts, such as Salesforce, HP, Relx, BAE Systems, WPP and other professionals of the sector, will judge the initiatives and select the winner. The Business Travel Awards ceremony will be held on January 20 in London, which will gather the main leaders of the travel industry on their 25th Awards anniversary.