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    Voxel Group has won the award “Innovative company in Conciliation and Time” of Barcelona in the category 51 to 250 employees. The awards event, supported by Barcelona’s Town Hall and the Nust network (a company network focused on new social uses of time in Barcelona) was held today, September 29, online. 

    The awards recognise companies that contribute to improving the personal and professional lives of its employees using work conciliation and healthy management of the working hours. The event is part of the Barcelona Time Deal, an agreement of the city to encourage more sustainable and fair time management. 

    This 8th edition emphasises the importance of proper management of the work time regarding the responsibility of the companies and the development of the digital era. Aspects that have been key points during the COVID-19 crisis. 

    Conciliation and digitalization 

    The conciliation measures of Voxel Group go hand in hand with our culture and values ​​and have their origin in our ultimate goal as a company: to create a happy business network. Thereby, we work so that this philosophy contributes positively to our closest work environment. 

    Along these lines, Voxel has a flexible working-hours policy so that employees can organize the workday regarding their own needs. Furthermore, in 2018, we implemented the teleworking in all departments of the company, contributing to the labour conciliation. With these initiatives, which allowed the rapid adaptation of the company to the new circumstances, Voxel wants the employees to find their balance between their personal and work life. 

    On the other hand, digitalization has become one of the most important elements to grow and recover the travel sector. Voxel Group, for more than 20 years, has developed eBilling, ePayments and Supply Chain solutions via baVel for travel and procurement companies and offers VAT management technology via DevoluIVA. 

    Virtual awards event 

    For the first time, and due to the exceptional situation, the event will be held online. Joan Manel Álvarez, Chief People Officer at Voxel Group, was responsible for taking the prize next to the rest of award-winning companies: Iterem, ACEFAT and Suara Cooperativa. 

    Barcelona Activa, Eurofund, UNED and Barcelona’s Town Hall participated in the event, which had more than 100 viewers.