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    The uncertain situation caused by the COVID-19 crisis forced us to postpone the baVel Travel Summit, first to October and eventually until May 19-20, 2021. 

    However, in order to inform and share knowledge of the current situation of the travel industry, we continue with our series of talks with the baVel Digital Summit, where key players of the sector will share its views and opinions; and will serve as a small preview of the main discussions in May. 

    First session of the baVel Digital Summit

    The first session of the baVel Digital Summit examines the importance of data as a key element to analyse the travel sector, under the title: What data are telling us, which will take place next October 14th, at 4.30 pm

    In this panel, key sector players will share its vision of the state of the travel industry and the expectations to recover using data from its businesses obtained during the last months. The main objective of the panel is to offer a global vision of what the sector is experiencing and conclude what are the next following steps. 

    Antonio Rami, Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer at Kantox; Àlex Gisbert, CEO at FastPayHotels; Pancho Pérez, Business Development Manager at Comercia Global Payments, Ana Arjones, Manager at Enterprise Partnerships at Travel Industries at Mastercard and Hector Martín, Vice President of Global Sales at Voxel Group will participate in this first talk.

    Register now and find more information about the session here: 

    Furthermore, the baVel Digital Summit will have three more digital sessions that will take place next October 21st, presenting the talk “Exploring payment risk mitigating strategies in the hospitality space“; next October 28th, presenting the talk “The new normal = the new digital”; and next November 11th, with a session about the Payment Manager Adopters Program, launched last June. You can find more information on our website

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