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    Find out how Europcar has digitized the submission of invoices in Spain via baVel eBilling 

    In 2009, the leading rent-a-car company in Spain decides to implement the electronic invoice in all businesses to meet its B2B clients’ demands and, at the same time, save costs. 

    Europcar Spain notices that the management of invoice incidents and errors provokes that the processing cost rises. And, these costs grow simultaneously as the business grow internationally. 

    At this point, Europcar Spain decides to digitize the submission of all invoices via baVel eBilling, the electronic invoicing solution of Voxel Group. The aim is to connect with its B2B clients digitally and automatically send them electronic invoices. 

    Thanks to the automation of baVel, the company has eliminated the manual intervention when issuing invoices and has accelerated the payment process, getting to drastically reduce the processing costs. Furthermore, it has obtained extra benefits, such as more traceability, transparency and adaptability, which has allowed the business to keep growing. 

    Do you want to know the savings details? Download the full case study here: 

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