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    Once more, Voxel celebrates World Tourism Day. This year, and more than ever, we would like to share a positive message to the sector and, as always, contribute to pushing forward the recovery together. 

    The world has changed and the new normality has redefined our lives. But also, we have shown our best side: cooperation, solidarity, empathy, resilience and teamwork, especially at the workplace. 

    Due to the strict measures and lockdowns that has entailed the coronavirus crisis, tourism has been one of the most affected top economic sectors. Travelling and bookings have decreased enormously and uncertainty hasn’t allowed us to set an exact date for the recovery of the normal, which will undoubtedly be different. 

    The World Tourism Organization (WTO) has decided to commemorate the day focusing on international cooperation as the key to the recovery of the sector. Furthermore, the WTO has also emphasized the importance of the rural communities and its role to preserve the cultural and natural heritage of each country. This way, the theme of this year is: “Tourism and rural development”, where tourism is an important leading employer and a major economic pillar. 

    At Voxel, we believe that the recovery of the sector is linked to the digitalization and automation of processes; and the cooperation between industry players so that companies can win competitivity and trust will be recovered inside and outside of the industry. This is why we have worked for more than 20 years to boost digital transformation and help companies be more efficient with electronic invoicing and B2B payments processes and in VAT recovery technology. Today, more than ever, we firmly believe that we are facing an opportunity to keep reinventing the travel sector and build a sustainable and more robust industry. 

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    Happy World Tourism Day!