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    Find out how RIU Hotels & Resorts digitized the emission of B2B invoices via baVel 

    When RIU decided to centralise the management process of its hotels, the need for a global solution to manage the huge volume of invoices in an efficient manner got exposed. 

    Until now, and with a manual invoicing management system, workers had to do repetitive tasks manually and in the case of making a mistake, the invoice could be paused and delayed. An invoice containing multiple services made the situation worse. 

    At this point, RIU Hotels & Resorts decides to work next to baVel, the electronic invoicing platform of Voxel Group, and automate its invoicing process digitizing the issuance of invoices to its B2B clients

    Thanks to baVel, RIU is capable of issuing invoices automatically, gaining traceability and obtaining better visibility through the platform. The hotel chain could reduce the delivery time and, because of that, cut the average collection time. Furthermore, the adaptability of baVel has allowed RIU to comply with the distinct legislations of the countries where they operate, contributing to international growth. 

    Check all the details of the process and the savings figures of RIU, downloading the full case study: 

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