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    Voxel Group corporate values are based on Conscious Capitalism. This philosophy understands that Capitalism should reflect where we are as humanity and encourage companies to create a positive impact for our society.

    As a result of applying this philosophy in the company for a long time, L’Econòmic (El Punt Avui) journalist Marta Sardà, has included Voxel’s case in her article that talks about new ways of leadership.

    Sardà has been able to get the essence of these initiatives and explain its current state in an overview of the currents that contribute to make the Capitalism System more conscious. Next, you can read a piece of this article or the original one here (in Catalan).

    Companies start to create core values

    “Conscious Capitalism by John Mackey and Raj Sisodia, B Corporation certification, creating share value by Michael Porter and Mark Kramer and microfinances by Muhammad Yunus are some of the currents of some business models as an alternative to Capitalism and how it works. The financial and economic crisis of 2008 made clear the weaknesses of a system exclusively based on obtaining benefits for the company and its shareholders that ignores any environmental damage or social inequality. This shock has caused more business owners, entrepreneurs, employees and consumers to ask about the viability of this system and some experts are already talking about the agony of the current.”


    “President and founder of Voxel Group Xavier Ginesta – a company from Barcelona that develops technological solutions for the travel and HORECA industry – is one of the associates and member of the Barcelona Conscious Capitalism Board, an association located in more than 15 countries across the world. «These movements are still emerging. There isn’t a pattern to follow and what we do is testing. Trying to cause different things to change our means of production», he explains.

    Ginesta has introduced Voxel Group to the new Capitalism. The company’s leadership is crosswise and all the employees participate in the business strategy. «Our way to success is not measured in results. We generate value and common good to society. Money is not our main purpose». Creating a conscious culture in an organisation «relies on how and why you want to do business. It is not only based on the what. A conscious company is established on why you want to do business», Ginesta states.

    He believes that Voxel Group success comes from how they are doing things: «We like a business model where people is happy and what we want is to invest in happy relationships within the company. We will create as many conscious companies as possible because this is what makes us happy». The enterprise takes part in a study drived by Eada Business School that want to show the impact of Conscious Capitalism on their benefits. The results will be published soon.

    Founded in 1998, Voxel Group has more than 180 employees and a €10M turnover last 2017. The company uses an internal structure based on the Agile Method and Sociocracy, new methodologies that make possible the creation of multidisciplinary teams that are more flexible, agile and productive and have a complete vision of the company’s purpose. The corporate values – PeopleFreaks, ChangeLovers, ChallengeManiacs and FUNtasticTeamPlayers – are not only present at the offices, but in the employees daily life. The company’s core business is based on sustainability understood in its broadest concept.”