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    Last Tuesday 22nd of January, Voxel Group took a leading role in the media. On this occasion, Voxel appeared in the +innovation section in El Periódico, a well-known Spanish newspaper. Under the headline “Voxel Group, a competitive SME with a start-up soul”, journalist Montserrat Baldomà wrote an article based on an interview with Voxel Group CEO, Àngel Garrido, about the essence of the company.

    The article talks about the past, present and future of Voxel. But it also talks about the organisational transformation that Voxel is currently doing and about the Conscious Capitalism Philosophy which Voxel takes part in.

    baVel growth

    Despite talking about Voxel’s history, the article is focused on the company’s growth during the last years. baVel, which is the main business line of Voxel, has grown a 22% last 2018. Globally, the Group turned over €11,3M and ended the financial year with 180 employees.

    Values and corporate culture

    Without a doubt, if something makes Voxel special is its corporate culture. The values are an essential pillar of the enterprise. In fact, the group bases its philosophy on the Conscious Capitalism and its main purpose is creating happy business network.

    Because of that, last year Voxel Group won a doble recognition: the most competitive SME award by PIMEC and the SME of the year in Barcelona award by Banco Santander and Cámara de Comercio, the Spanish board of trade.

    We encourage you to read the complete article here:

    Voxel Group en El Periódico

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