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    Automation of purchase order receipts at Álvarez & Sánchez

    Álvarez & Sánchez is an import and distribution company trading in the Dominican Republic since 1979. They were at first dedicated to general supplies for their customers. Then, in 1980, the company began to incorporate iconic spirit, wine and champagne brands. The 80s also saw Álvarez & Sánchez begin distribution of cold meats.

    Over the years its customer portfolio has grown and diversified, and the products the company imports and distributes reach the consumer via different distribution channels: supermarkets, wholesalers, grocery stores and pharmacies, as well as restaurants, bars, hotels and even bakers.

    In 2015, one of their top customers asked Álvarez & Sánchez to digitize the order receipt and invoice issuance process. The company then analysed that entire process. They drew the following conclusions:

    • The receipt and processing of orders is a highly manual process.
    • They identified errors that could be prevented.
    • The order management process could take up to 3 days.
    • Deriving from this entire process, the use of credit notes in the billing process was common.

    So as to make this process more efficient, the company decided to digitize the receipt and capture of orders with baVel.

    After more than 5 years of using baVel technology in its back-office processes, the benefits Álvarez & Sánchez have seen are manifold. And we have collected them in a new success story.

    What will you find in this success story?

    • What the process of order receipt and invoice issuance was like before digitization.
    • What necessary improvements were identified in the initial analysis.
    • The baVel implementation process at Álvarez & Sánchez.
    • The value that the baVel platform brought to the company.
    • The project manager’s opinion of the digitization process.
    • The quantitative and qualitative benefits of the digitization project.
    • The new projects Álvarez & Sánchez are planning.
    • And much more!

    Read about the entire success story here: