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    Find out how Escapada Rural manages the corporate expenses and VAT recovery automatically

    Escapada Rural, a platform dedicated to the promotion of rural touristic accommodation, decides to optimize the process of managing corporate expenses of its corporate travellers.

    Up until now, the management of paper expense receipts and expense notes is done manually, increasing the number of errors, loss of tickets and, consequently, affecting directly to the company’s accounting.

    At this point, Escapada Rural decides to digitize the management of its corporate expenses via DevoluIVA Clic, a DevoluIVA service that allows them as well to automatically recover expenses VAT.

    Thanks to the implementation of DevoluIVA, Escapada Rural has managed to automate and digitize the management of its corporate expenses, drastically reducing the number of errors, increasing the productivity of the administrative department and completely eliminating the management of paper documents.

     Discover all the benefits that Escapada Rural has gained with DevoluIVA Click here: