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    Find out how Selenta has digitized the procurement process from purchase to pay with baVel

    In 2011, the Selenta hotel group decided to optimize its procurement process after realizing that it had several inefficiencies. Up until now, the procurement process was centralized and invoices had to be signed in person at their main headquarters. This methodology involved manual and repetitive tasks, which in many cases caused errors and delayed the management period and payments.

    Facing this situation, Selenta decides to automate the issuance of purchase orders and delivery notes and the reception of invoices with baVel eBilling, the electronic invoicing solution of Voxel Group.

    Its main objective is to automate the entire P2P process: the issuance of the purchase order, the reception of the merchandise, the issuance of the self-delivery note, the reception of the invoice and, finally, the issuance of the payment.

    Thanks to baVel’s automation, Selenta has a robust and agile P2P cycle, with which they have been able to reduce the processing time and management of payments and invoices. In addition, the platform has also allowed them to increase the volume of transactions processed and have obtained extra benefits such as saving paper and eliminating physical storage space.

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