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    The solutions provided by Diners Club Spain have been especially designed for Business Travel and payment to suppliers in the travel industry.

    Voxel partners with Diners Club Spain to continue promoting B2B payments in the travel industry. Thanks to this partnership, Diners Club Spain is now part of baVel Pay’s payment providers. From this point forward, all companies connected to baVel Pay’s Payment Manager can begin using the services provided by Diners Club Spain without needing to carry out a specific integration.

    Diners Club Spain for the travel industry

    Diners Club Spain has designed two products to meet the needs of companies in the travel industry and specifically, of travel agencies and intermediaries.

    Through products such as Travel Account and Travel Services Account, Diners Club Spain offers a payment method that allows grouping all payments of a company that has been issued a card, providing an easy way of reconciling accounts, more detailed data and a safe payment via its VCN (Virtual Card Number) solution. In addition to offering greater liquidity and being limited to paying for travel services, these two Diners Club products have specific characteristics depending on their use.

    The Travel Account can be issued in the name of a travel agency, as long as it is used to pay for travel expenses related with a specific client company. This way, the Travel Account offers a wide travel insurance coverage for all travelers from said company in cases where their travel or lodging has been purchased using this method of payment.

    The Travel Services Account of Diners Club Spain is designed for players in the travel industry and is registered with IATA as an alternative transfer method. With permission from the airline company, the Travel Services Account can be used for purchasing IATA airline tickets. This way travel intermediaries can centralize all purchases related with the travel services they intend to sell to their clients using a single method of payment.

    On the other hand, baVel Pay is a platform created by Voxel that creates a channel, other than the bookings channel, to transmit B2B payments in the industry. baVel Pay is capable of automatically articulating a sophisticated flow of B2B payments from start to finish, without errors or frictions and taking advantage of an ecosystem of payment providers such as Diners Club Spain. baVel Pay’s Payment Manager is the first payment manager on the market to implement the Open Payment Alliance standards defined by HEDNA and HTNG.

    Benefits for companies in the travel industry

    Nonetheless, companies in the travel industry that decide to use the solutions provided by Diners Club Spain through baVel Pay may benefit from:

    • Longer payment deadlines and consequently, increased cash-flow.
    • Cross-border payments that are cheaper and free of exchange rate commissions.
    • Maximizing sales without the risk of IATA limiting your payments. Lower guarantee requirements by IATA.
    • Automatic articulation of a sophisticated flow of B2B payments from start to finish without errors or frictions.
    • Rules engine capable of choosing the best method of payment for each transaction.
    • baVel Pay value added services: e-Billing and Bill-back, reconciliation, electronic settlement and full reporting.
    • Omni-channel and automatic payment distribution.

    If you wish to start using these services, please contact us at [email protected] and our team will get back to you and explain how we can help.