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    The current global crisis is redefining the present business strategies and their final objectives towards society. Nowadays, collaboration becomes key to continue the business and companies are betting on shared value strategies to redirect their final objectives to the centre of the community. 

    The shared value is a business management strategy that puts society as an element of the business and aggregates value to the social impact of its activity. “We understand shared value as those projects that have an economic and social impact at the same time”, assured Joan Martí, Director of Clúster en Acció during the webinar “Shared value strategies in Tourism ICT”, last May 15. 

    Thereby, shared value adds a social dimension in a company’s strategy, and turns the final purpose into a higher objective with a social aspect. “Same as people, companies have a final purpose and a reason to exist as well. And it can’t be a profit motive”, explained Xavier Ginesta, President at Voxel Group and Director of Conscious Capitalism Foundation in Barcelona during the talk, where he exposed the importance of this concept in the sector. 

    Voxel Group and the shared value

    The more consciousness a company has, the more it lasts”, said Ginesta. On this matter, Voxel Group made a transformation process to put people in the centre of its activity. From this, they defined the final purpose of the company, creating a happy business network. This means that Voxel wants to create a positive and social impact on its business environment from its activity, and not only towards its employees but also to its clients, partners, suppliers and the environment. 

    Following the higher purpose, the company has defined a specific corporate culture, a leadership style and social values shared with all its employees. “If you have a strong corporate culture, the commitment is higher”, added Ginesta. 

    At present, the corporate culture is helping to keep trust and security among employees. At the moment, the company is betting on innovation and diversification to move forward. In Ginesta’s words, “Watching how we are innovating to strengthen the business is thrilling. We will be stronger than last year”. 

    Conscious Capitalism, Barcelona’s chapter 

    On the other hand, Xavier Ginesta takes part in the Conscious Capitalism Foundation. The chapter in Barcelona is originally coming from the United States’ movement, and it wants to promote a new way to understand business based on conscious culture and leadership. “We think all companies share the last purpose of the common good towards society”.  

    At present, companies such as Holaluz, InboundCycle or Voxel Group are associates of the Foundation in Barcelona. At the same time, it has the collaboration of companies such as Aigües Danone, Grupo Tragaluz, Sandwichez or HappyForce, among others. 

    Companies and society 

    In the current context, society is a key aspect that affects businesses and their strategies. It is essential to refocus business strategies to adjust to the needs of society and their close business environment. 

    According to the Director of Clústers d’Acció, the collective consciousness and shared value have to be part of the future strategies of the Tourism ICT sector.