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    Last Tuesday, June 16, Voxel Caribe participated in a webinar organized by the Commerce Chamber of Santo Domingo about the benefits of electronic invoicing and the current situation in the country. 

    During the online conference, Gina Lovatón, Vicepresident at Voxel Caribe, talked about the role of baVel, the electronic invoicing platform, in the country’s digital transformation and the electronic invoicing pilot of the DGII, the local Tax Authority. On the other hand, Gilberto Calderón, CIO of DGII project at Voxel Caribe, presented the success case of Nestlé, one of the first companies to implement electronic invoicing in the Dominican Republic. 

    Electronic invoicing system and digital signature

    The country has been working in the implementation of an electronic invoicing system for the taxpayers. In January of this year, the DGII presented a voluntary electronic invoicing system for companies and individuals. 

    At the moment, any company or individual can voluntarily adhere to the new electronic invoicing system and start sending electronic tax receipts (e-CF in Spanish) to the local tax authority. During the pilot, 4 out of 11 companies that participated used baVel as the technology partner: Nestlé, Centro Cuesta Nacional (CCN), Distribuidora Corripio and Cervecería Nacional Dominicana.

    This way, these companies can issue electronic invoices through baVel, not only to the DGII but also to their electronic clients. It allows them to eliminate manual tasks, mitigate errors and accelerate the collection process. Furthermore, it provides them with extra visibility of their processes, as well as an increase in security and integrity of documents. 

    On the other hand, Iván Santana, Digital Solutions at the Commerce Chamber of Santo Domingo, talked about the digital signature, a key element of the electronic invoicing. The Commerce Chamber has been issuing digital signatures and helping companies to integrate the digital signature for more than 10 years. 

    Success Case: Nestlé

    On this line, Gilberto Abreu, IT Business Relationship Manager at Nestlé, explained the case of the multinational company, one of the first companies to implement electronic invoicing next to the DGII and Voxel Caribe. 

    According to Abreu, it has brought them many benefits, such as reducing manual tasks and errors and saving time and paper. However, he pointed out the importance of the technology partner to start the transformation: “One of the key factors was to work with Voxel Caribe, as it made the technical aspect easier”, assured. 

    And added, “the sooner more companies start to use the electronic invoicing system, the more benefits we will all obtain”. 

    More than 150 people attended the webinar in Zoom and it had more than 100 views in Youtube. You can watch it again here: