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    A few weeks ago, Voxel Caribe co-organised a webinar with Barna Management School. The online session entitled “New trends in electronic invoicing in the Dominican Republic” explored this new invoicing modality in the country.

    In the online session we had the participation of Eladio Rodríguez (DGII), Natalia Bonilla (CLARO Dominicana), Eduardo Lovatón (Voxel Caribe) and Oscar Calderón (Barna) as moderator.

    The rise of electronic invoicing in the Dominican Republic

    In his introduction, Oscar Calderón explained that, in developed countries, 30% of invoices are already electronic. Along the same lines, Eladio Rodríguez pointed out that more than 10 countries in Latin America use mandatory electronic invoicing, and another 5 countries have a voluntary system.

    Electronic invoicing is becoming more and more widespread. And the Dominican Republic is also making progress in this area. Since 2020, the country has had regulation 01-2020, which regulates the use of electronic invoicing. Previously, the DGII conducted a pilot test with 10 companies. Now, any taxpayer in the country can use electronic tax receipts (e-CF) to communicate with the DGII.

    Currently, there are already more than 24 electronic taxpayers in the Dominican Republic and 47 more companies are being certified. The DGII has received more than 44 million e-CFs. And there are 3 certified software providers, the first of which was Voxel Caribe.

    The experience of the first taxpayers

    CLARO Dominicana was one of those companies that participated in the pilot and is currently an electronic taxpayer of the DGII. During the webinar, Natalia Bonilla explained her experience throughout the process. She also explained the benefits they have achieved in relation to end clients, management and communication with the DGII.

    Eduardo Lovatón, Commercial Director at Voxel Caribe, provided the point of view of a certified supplier. Voxel Caribe is the first supplier certified by the DGII to issue tax receipts. Companies that decide to become electronic taxpayers can do so in two ways. On the one hand, they can develop a technical connection with the DGII. On the other hand, they can have the support of a certified provider and benefit from its experience and know-how. Some of the benefits of becoming an electronic taxpayer with Voxel Caribe include:

    • Provide transparency between the company and the public administration.
    • Elimination of 607 and 608 reports. In addition, invoices that arrive electronically should not be included in the 606 report.
    • Savings in courier costs, storage costs, expendable material costs…
    • Reduction of errors and rectifications and increased efficiency of the administrative team.
    • Online communication with the DGII.
    • Opportunities to automate processes.

    Finally, Eladio Rodríguez reminded that all periods of voluntariness end in obligation. And all the speakers encouraged the audience to explore the benefits that electronic invoicing can bring to their business.

    Watch this session online again here.