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    Palladium Hotel Group, one of the most important hotel groups in Spain, has started the digitalisation process of its entire supply chain via baVel, Voxel’s leading electronic invoicing and payment platform for the travel sector and the HORECA channel.

    The digitalisation project, which will begin this year with four pilot hotels and will culminate in 2022 with the incorporation of the rest of the establishments, aims to optimise and automate the processes of the purchasing department both at Palladium Hotel Group’s headquarters and at all its hotels.

    The project covers the digitalisation of the issuing of orders, the receipt of delivery notes and the reception of 100% of invoices, regardless of their format (paper, pdf, xml) or origin (post, email). Also the implementation of an internal invoice approval flow, the reconciliation module for all these documents and the subsequent integration with the company’s ERP. And all this, through a single platform – baVel – which has a robust and secure technology that complies with the legislative requirements in all the countries in which the group operates.

    To achieve this, baVel will be integrated with Palladium Hotel Group’s ERP and will establish a connection with all of the Group’s suppliers and creditors. Currently, and thanks to the extensive network that baVel has been weaving for more than 20 years, more than 30% of Palladium Hotel Group’s international suppliers are already part of the baVel network and will be able to start operating electronically with the hotel chain in the first phase of the project. In the four pilot hotels, this represents between 40% and 50% of each hotel’s invoice volume.

    Optimisation, savings and efficiency

    Palladium Hotel Group thus implements a new system that replaces manual processes and reduces the use of paper, optimising efficiency in the management of more than 64,000 invoices from more than 4,000 suppliers and creditors. baVel’s technology applied to supply processes helps to reduce possible errors, while increasing productivity, document control and traceability, and dematerialisation, which has a positive impact on the company’s cash flow. Furthermore, the digitisation of these processes facilitates the expansion and growth of companies.

    In the words of Àngel Garrido, CEO at Voxel, “More and more companies are realising the importance of automating all the company’s processes and not just those directly related to the customer. In the midst of the crisis, it is important to identify those processes that do not add value to the company, automate them and devote resources to what is really important: increasing the company’s efficiency and being ready to resume activity as soon as possible”.

    In the words of Moisés García, Corporate Director of Administration and Finance at Palladium Hotel Group, “For us, this is a strategic project in order to promote the digital transformation of the company, a commitment to digitise the logistics process and the efficiency of the AP area. For the development of this project, we wanted to go hand in hand with baVel, a company with which we have been working for many years in the issuance of electronic invoices and on which we are now betting on the procurement part, where it is also a benchmark in the hotel sector. The project is starting in Spain with the firm intention of making it a global project that we can extend to the rest of the geographies in which Palladium Hotel Group operates”.

    Voxel and Palladium Hotel Group have been working together for years on the digitisation and automation of B2B invoice issuance. In addition, the hotel group has just confirmed its participation in Voxel’s Early Adopters Program, which aims to promote the adoption of a new payment channel for the travel industry through the standards defined by the Open Payment Alliance.