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    baVel facilitates the digitisation of transactions between customers and suppliers and automates administrative processes

    AVASA Travel Group continues its digital transformation process with this new agreement that allows administrative management to be 100% digital, automated, error-free and with more than 50,000 integrated suppliers. This is baVel, a new service that AVASA makes available to its associated agencies thanks to the agreement signed with Voxel, a company specialising in the digitisation of the value chain and a leader in the international travel sector.

    The baVel platform makes it possible to digitise the issuing and receipt of invoices, invoice reconciliation and B2B payments. In practice, this translates into a drastic reduction of manual tasks that add little or no value to the business and the elimination of formal errors and discrepancies. In addition, the digitisation of these processes has a direct impact on the company’s cash flow and enhances its competitiveness. baVel complies with PCI regulations, allows the legality of all documents to be certified and provides real-time traceability of all transactions carried out. In addition, the platform is integrated with the main PMS and ERPs on the market.

    Strategic agreement

    This agreement allows AVASA to offer special conditions to its associated agencies, such as the customisation of proposals adapted to each business model and the reduction of costs, both initial and recurring. In addition, AVASA plans to offer exclusive online training on this new service.

    Carlos López Bahillo, CEO at AVASA Travel Group says that with Voxel “we are moving forward on the path towards AVASA’s digital transformation, as we continue to innovate in terms of digital tools to provide our partners with solutions and applications that allow them to differentiate themselves and be more competitive in a constantly evolving sector”.