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    The Innovation Forum, part of H&T, the event dedicated to innovation in Hospitality and Tourism held in Malaga from 26th to 28th April. On April 27th, Voxel participated in this forum with a presentation on “Digitalisation solutions for the value chain as a lever for sustainability and business scalability”, by Héctor Martín, VP of Global Sales at Voxel.

    Martín explained how companies such as DABA, Grupo Selenta, UDON, Pestana Hotel Group, Novum Hospitality, Riu Hotels & Resorts, or H10 Hotels, among others, have already implemented various digitisation and process automation projects that have enabled them to grow, reduce management time or collection periods and, in short, improve their back-office processes. 

    As Martín explained, citing the global “Altimeter Group Digital transformation survey”, companies that have undertaken digitisation processes are 26% more profitable than their competitors, as they can have their staff dedicated to higher value-added tasks. In addition, they are generally companies that have increased customer satisfaction, because they can dedicate more time and resources to them.

    Martín also broke the myth that small and medium-sized companies have difficulty in accessing digitalisation solutions, explaining that digital transformation is not exclusive to large companies, but is within everyone’s reach, thanks to modular and easily applicable solutions that adapt to the life cycle, size and real needs of all companies, whatever their size”.

    A 360° view of digitisation

    The digitisation solutions proposed by Voxel focus on back office processes, those that focus on business operations and have to do with administrative and management processes.

    The digital transformation process of the value chain proposed by Voxel involves an initial analysis of all these company processes, where those with inefficiencies or hidden costs are identified, and which can therefore be improved at an operational level thanks to technology. Based on this initial analysis, Voxel proposes a customised, modular digitisation plan with short, medium and long-term solutions to help the company in the different areas identified for improvement. From here, thanks to baVel’s own technology, Voxel provides the client with a wide network of clients and suppliers integrated in the different verticals, with which it can start to operate automatically.

    Martín emphasised the 360º vision offered by the baVel network, as it makes it possible to streamline all processes related to any company’s accounts payable or receivable, from the digitisation of invoices (at source or destination) to all related processes, such as connection with public administrations, invoice approval flows, order digitisation, stock control, reconciliation and payments.