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    Enter a few simple facts about your business to find out how much you could save with baVel solutions

    Digital transformation is a reality in all sectors and is here to stay. In recent years we have seen how many companies have invested in digitising processes related to the end customer. However, the real digital transformation starts when companies’ internal processes transform, evolve and become more competitive and optimised.

    Sourcing and invoicing processes are the cornerstones of back office transformation. Applying technology to these processes and digitising them allows companies to be more efficient, scalable, productive and save time and money. However, we often struggle to make these benefits tangible.

    In order to show in a clear and concise way the benefits that companies obtain when implementing baVel solutions, today we are launching the baVel savings calculator.

    baVel Savings Calculator

    We have created the savings calculator so that you can calculate how much money your company can save by digitising your back office processes with baVel. The calculator is very easy to use and the results are displayed instantly. All you have to do is enter some basic information about your company, such as the number of invoices, the time you need to process them or the storage space you use.

    If you would also like to have more details about this calculation, you can leave us your email and we will contact you.

    Access the baVel savings calculator:

    At Voxel we have been helping hundreds of companies to digitise their value chain for over 20 years. If in addition to using the calculator you want to see how other companies have done it, access our success stories. In these stories, you will also be able to see the tangible benefits that other companies have achieved.

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