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    Find out how the Dino Distributor has digitized the invoicing processes 

    Dino is one of the biggest cleaning and hygiene industrial products distributor in Spain. The company decided to digitize the invoicing process between client – distributor – franchise when they realised the invoicing process presented some inefficiencies. 

    The distributor counts with 26 sole proprietors that operate with their own Tax number, making it difficult to manage invoices and reconciliation, which is done manually. Furthermore, Dino’s structure is not prepared to receive or issue electronic transactions, even though some of its clients demand it. 

    At this point, Dino decides to digitize and automate the invoicing process with the purchasing order, delivery note and invoice via baVel, the electronic invoicing solution of Voxel Group. Its main objective is to have a frictionless communication that allows them to automate the issuance of purchase orders, the automatic integration of the delivery note into Dino’s ERP and the delivery of invoices from the franchise side. 

    Thanks to baVel’s integration, Dino has eliminated the manual intervention of its invoicing process, raising productivity and the administration team’s capacity. Furthermore, the company has noticed an increase in customer loyalty thanks to the optimization of invoices issuance. 

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