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    Discover how RIU Hotels & Resorts has digitized its supply process in Spain and the Dominican Republic via baVel

    After digitizing the issuance of B2B invoices with baVel, RIU’s team decided to streamline its supply process in Spain. The hotel chain wanted to eliminate the repetitive work derived from managing purchase orders, delivery notes and invoices manually. A process that often results in errors and a non-value-added workload for the administrative team.

    Facing this situation, RIU decides to digitize the issuance and reception of purchase orders and the reconciliation of invoices via baVel, the electronic invoicing platform of Voxel Group. Its main objective is to connect electronically with suppliers and automatically reconcile the invoice with the delivery note, without the need for manual intervention.

    Thanks to baVel, RIU was capable of increasing the number of suppliers and the volume of transactions processed, without the need to increase the administrative team. In addition, automation has made it possible to eliminate errors and redistribute the functions of the management team to tasks with more added value.

    Currently, RIU and baVel are working together to digitize the supply chain of their hotels in the Dominican Republic.

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