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    In 2016, UDON, the Asian restaurant chain leader in Spain and Portugal, decides to redefine the internal processes to centralise and streamline the stock control of its restaurants. 

    UDON realises that the stock management needs more traceability and digitization, as up until now the merchandise control is done manually and using a physical delivery note. 

    Facing this situation, UDON decides to digitize the submission of purchase orders and invoice and delivery notes reception via baVel, the electronic invoicing platform of Voxel Group. The main objective is to electronically connect with its suppliers and automatically manage the stock. 

    Thanks to baVel’s automation and digitization, UDON is capable of managing purchase orders, delivery notes and invoices without manual intervention. The electronic connection with its suppliers allowed them to dramatically reduce errors and incidents and, at the same time, improve the relationship with its users. 

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