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    Grupo Hefame is a pharmaceutical distribution cooperative. It has over 1,000 employees and serves more than 6,000 pharmacies, with about 48,000 orders and 10,000 deliveries daily. This is possible thanks to its extensive infrastructure, with distribution warehouses and offices in more than 15 Spanish cities.

    Due to the nature of the business, over 20% of the workers travel in their jobs. The compilation and management of corporate expenses generates a considerable amount of manual work that leads to inefficiencies:

    • Manual preparation of a PDF template together with the sales receipt for each claim.
    • Manual approval, scanning and verification, with no technological support.
    • Lack of documentary control.
    • Loss and deterioration of sales receipts.
    • Storage space for claims slips.
    • Excessive paper consumption.

    After using DevoluIVA technology to manage representation expenses and VAT recovery for half a year, the benefits of digitizing this process are clearly tangible. And we have set it all out in a new case study.

    In this case study you will learn:

    • What the corporate expense management process at Hefame was like before using DevoluIVA.
    • What DevoluIVA products and services suit Hefame’s needs.
    • How the new tool was implemented and how long it took.
    • How all the users adapted to this new tool.
    • What the Hefame project manager’s opinion of the solution and deployment is.
    • What quantitative and qualitative results Hefame has garnered to date after the digitization process.

    Read about the whole success story:

    Case study

    If you also wish to digitize the entire management of your company’s corporate expenses and, in addition, recover the VAT, contact DevoluIVA. Our team of experts will help you find the technological solution that best suits your business needs and those of all your employees.