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    The most popular topics have been legislative news and the evolution of B2B payments in the travel sector, among others.

    2021 is coming to an end. And that’s why we want to review the most read posts throughout the year. Although still in the midst of the pandemic, 2021 has been the year in which travel and hospitality activity has started to pick up. It was also a year in which innovation in these sectors gained momentum. Finally, 2021 has been characterised by many legislative changes in relation to electronic invoicing.

    And all this has been reflected in our blog.

    Legislative changes to e-invoicing around the world

    2020 was already a year of legislative changes due to the pandemic. And these have continued in 2021. For this reason, the articles in which we explained these new developments have been among the most read. From Portugal, through Italy, Saudi Arabia, France, Spain, the United States… Every country in the world is making progress in the implementation of electronic invoicing. And regulations change frequently. In this article, you can find out what’s new in legislation for 2022.

    B2B payments in the travel sector

    The distribution channel in the travel sector is fully digitised and works frictionlessly with multiple actors. Until now, payments in the sector travelled through this channel and did so in a very manual and unoptimised way.

    2021 has been a key year for innovation in B2B payments in the travel sector. In January, we were already talking about digitalisation and automation trends. And in September, Voxel made a very strong commitment to innovation in B2B payments in the sector by acquiring the startup Troovo.

    The digitisation of the value chain

    “2021: Where are the hotel, catering and retail sectors heading?” was another of the most read articles on the blog. Among the sectors that are suffering the most from the consequences of the crisis, digitalisation is here to stay.

    Dominican Republic digital agenda

    The Dominican Republic’s commitment to electronic invoicing has been in the news throughout 2021 and will continue to be so next year. The DGII wants to make electronic invoicing mandatory in 2023 for large taxpayers. Dominican Republic is preparing for digitalisation. And, as a trusted partner, at Voxel we have resolved the most frequently asked questions about this project.

    2021 has been the starting point of a new era in our industries. Let’s make 2022 a revolution in B2B payments and process automation!