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    Voxel, leading corporate group for eBilling, ePayments and Supply chain solutions via baVel’s platform and automatic VAT refund technology via DevoluIVA, hires Xavier Albaladejo, a specialist in organizational transformation based on Agile-Lean principles.

    Albaladejo, former Enterprise Agile Coach at Mango, joins Voxel’s team as the Executive Transformation Coach. His aim is to consolidate the organizational transformation of the company, a process based on Agile methodologies and Sociocracy 3.0 which is being currently used in technical and product teams and is expanding to the rest of the group’s teams. At the same time, Albaladejo will also model the organizational transformation of Voxel to inspire and accompany other enterprises who want to start their transformation process.

    Voxel has been working in the internal transformation process for more than 3 years. It started with a cultural transformation establishing corporate values, followed by an organizational change adopting Agile methodologies, Scaling Up and Sociocratic 3.0 patterns, among other initiatives.

    Voxel bets on Xavier Albaladejo for its wide experience as an organizational transformation and cultural change consultant. Throughout his professional career, Albaladejo has worked at Mango, as well as other well-known companies such as AXA EMEA-LATAM, Vodafone R&D, Zurich and eDreams. In addition, he coordinates the ‘Agile Methods’ Master’s degree in La Salle University and he collaborates with ‘Agile Classes’ in other educational centres. He is a speaker in multiple conferences, writes in TransformacionAgil.org and ProyectosAgiles.org, he also founded Agile Spain and Agile Barcelona.

    “The organizational transformation at Voxel has marked a milestone for the company, internally as well as externally. This is why we want to help other companies to adopt this model to change their way of doing things”, explained Àngel Garrido, CEO at Voxel. “Xavier Albaladejo will strengthen the transformation team in order to expand our project and inspire other companies to do the same”, added.

    On the other hand, Xavier Albaladejo commented “the transformation process of Voxel impressed me from the beginning. It is incredible how they have transformed their organization, culturally as well as structurally. I’m willing to start working with them and take part in this project”.