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    Discover how Novum Hospitality has digitized 100% of invoices through baVel

    Novum Hospitality is one of the largest hotel chains in Germany with more than 180 hotels and 24,900 hotel rooms. In 2017, Novum Hospitality realizes that its invoicing process has inefficiencies mainly derived from manual invoice management.

    The administrative team faces a heavy manual workload to process invoices, which often results in errors, poor time management and even lost invoices.

    Facing this situation, Novum Hospitality decides to automate and digitize the submission of 100% of invoices via baVel, the electronic invoicing platform of Voxel Group. Its main objective is to be able to send all invoices automatically to all their clients, B2B and B2C, and with the public administrations (B2G), complying with the legal requirements of each of them in each country.

    Thanks to the digitization of baVel, Novum Hospitality has been able to increase the invoicing volume without the need to increase the management team. In addition, reconciliation and automation have allowed them to eliminate manual tasks, reduce errors, losses and shorten the average collection time.

    baVel also has allowed them to comply with the legislation of each country and maintain a digital archive for each of them, contributing to saving paper.

    Discover all the benefits that baVel has brought to Novum Hospitality reading the complete case study:

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