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Start saving time, effort, and money in the management and reconciliation of all your invoices

Voxel’s reconciler automates the reconciliation of all your invoices with the payment forecasts, following rules previously established according to your needs. Thanks to Voxel’s technology, you will be able to automatically integrate each reconciled invoice into your ERP, freeing up your administrative team so they can focus on more valuable tasks.

How does it work?

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Analysis of the invoice and comparison with the delivery note (reception of goods).

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If the information does not match, the invoice is rejected and a claim note is issued automatically.

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If the information matches, the invoice is received and posted for subsequent payment.

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Finally, the claim note is automatically reconciled with the credit note for posting and payment.

Reconciler diagram

Voxel reconciler features

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Customized project

Configuration of validation rules that adapt to the needs of each company and the specific circumstances of each business. The aim is to minimize manual processes to maximize productivity.

Bavel platform

Integration with the Bavel platform offers you access to an unparalleled ecosystem of companies, technology partners and management systems through a single connectivity.

Efficient and seamless connectivity

Voxel offers Plug & Play connectivity with more than 150 PMS and ERP systems so you can automate back-office processes without changing your systems.

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Benefits for invoice recipients

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Elimination of manual processes and matching
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Dramatic reduction of incidents

in invoice reconciliation.

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A unique technological solution for digitalizing the entire procurement process:

issuing orders, receiving invoices and reconciliation.

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Saving time and effort

in accounting and accounts payable teams.

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Corporate governance:

accurate payment planning. 

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Environmental benefits:

elimination of paper in back-office processes.

Boost the efficiency of your business. Optimize your processes. Save time, money and resources

Get to know all the benefits of Voxel solutions through real cases from leading companies

Bavel is the leading electronic invoicing platform in the travel and food & hospitality sectors

Join a network of companies that is unique in the world. Take advantage of the synergies of an unparalleled technological ecosystem created for the purpose of facilitating the interconnection of all the companies that are part of it and optimizing their operations.

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Some of the companies that rely on Voxel to digitalize their procurement process include

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Plataforma de transacción electrónica

Categoría 6: Gestión de procesos

Solución: Instalación y parametrización del software de comunicación que permite al beneficiario el intercambio transaccional a través de la plataforma Bavel de facturación electrónica y otras transacciones relacionadas a procesos de compra y/o venta.

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Electronic transaction platform

Category 6: Process management

Solution: Installation and parameterization of the communication software that allows the beneficiary to exchange transactions through the Bavel platform for electronic invoicing and other transactions related to purchase and/or sale processes.

*Price from 6000 €

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