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Automate the issuance of all your invoices directly from your PMS or ERP to your customer's accounting system.

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Thanks to process automation, you can drastically reduce administrative costs and increase the productivity of your accounts receivable team by automating online invoicing processes, reconciliation processes and virtually eliminating errors and disputes.

How does it work?

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Automatic issuance of 100% of your invoices from your PMS or ERP.

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Traceability of the status of each invoice at all times. Error and dispute correction in real time, avoiding delays.

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Instant delivery of 100% of your invoices through a security protocol.

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Faster collection cycle.

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Storage of electronic invoices in the Bavel platform digital archive. Elimination of paper.

Features of Bavel Billing submission

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Centralized digital archive

Bavel’s digital archive includes search tools and is adapted to legal regulations, guaranteeing more than 10 years of storage. Eliminate traditional paper invoices and files and share the same repository with your customers.

Bavel platform

Integration with the Bavel platform offers you access to an unparalleled ecosystem of companies, technology partners and management systems through a single connectivity.

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Efficient and seamless connectivity

Voxel offers Plug & Play connectivity with more than 150 PMS and ERP systems so you can automate back-office processes without changing your systems.

Regulatory compliance

Compliance with e-invoicing legislation is an obligation in many countries. Voxel has therefore added a layer of value to its solutions in order to comply with current international legislation.

Benefits for invoice issuers


Direct cost reduction:

dramatic reduction in administrative workload and errors. Saving time, money and effort.


Automatic delivery of all invoices.

Real-time alerts and error messages that allow you to act quickly.


Faster collections and full visibility of invoice tracking.


Improve your relationship with B2B and corporate customers.


Less complexity and more scalability:

a single process for any invoice recipient (B2C/B2B/B2G).


Regulatory compliance:

mitigate the impact of legal changes.


Corporate governance:

more control over administrative operations.


Environmental benefits:

elimination of paper in your back-office processes.

Boost the efficiency of your business.
Optimize your processes. Save time and money.

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